020 – Possum long exposure.

Was staying over at a friends place recently and went to get something out of the car at night and was surprised to see a possum sitting on the fence under two meters away from me. I didnt have the camera on hand and by the time i went back and got it, he’d gone up a tree.

I had to play around with the time settings and got a pretty good shot with a 15 second exposure. I’m surprised he didnt move much over that period

A possum sitting in a palm tree - Camera Canon SX150

A possum sitting in a palm tree – Camera Canon SX150

New Camera – Canon SX150

Recently i bought a new Camera, I wanted to go running with a camera and take some good photos and I’m a bit worried about some of the expensive cameras being broken by the extra shocks being put on them.

Some research lead me to the SX150. Like my current A480 which i’m still happy with aside from a zoom, this one is small enough to be put into a pouch (Lowepro Rezo 50), takes AA batteries and can be fitted with a Joby mini tripod and still fit in the case.

So hopefully i’ll be able to get a few Shots of opportunity while out.

Its already had a minor workout. I’ve ran through the AA batteries supplied and was happy with the battery life , i got 110 shots.