000 – Percy and Single Board Computer



I’ve decided to re-arrange the pictures that i have been uploading and introduce a new system to keep track of them and number the files sequentially rather than the current ad-hoc file names.

This gave me a problem, what picture would i make the first OzSnaps photo….. I think its fitting to post one of Percy and the Single Board Computer i recently completed making after getting around to it. It had been sitting on a shelf for atleast two years. I put it together more as an artwork and demonstration unit than to put into use as i planned to when i bought it.

Percy is the Polar bear i’m going to take with my and sometimes put into photos as something extra to put in the foreground. I think he’s much more photogenic than me.

The Single board computer was a kit bought from Dick Smith which featured a PIC16F877A microcontroller and several input/output options. Obviously not usable like a personal computer, but this could be used to monitor some sensors like a house alarm or control a manufacturing or production facility or add smarts to an older air-conditioner.

This one has 8 kilobytes of flash memory, 256 bytes of RAM , 256 bytes of EEPROM (like a hard disk) , 2 Analog inputs, 10 Digital inputs, 10 digital outputs, two relay outputs, a temperature sensor , a light sensor and a serial port to allow communications to other computers.