Camera Terms

This is a bit of a test page and will be the parent page to a series of pages explaining various terms including

This refers to a part on the lens which controls how much light is let in. Referred to in F-stops, e.g f/2.8
The lower the number, the more light the lens is able to let in.
Sometimes two figures are used on zoom lenses and this represents the maximum at each end of the zoom range

Sensor Size.
Some terms used to describe snesor sizes are “Full Frame”, “APS-C”, Micro Four Thirds. etc

Before we describe the digital cameras, we’ll go back to 35mm film which each shot is taken on film CHECK THIS
36mm by 24mm

Shutter speed

Program Mode & Scene modes
JPEG Compression – Basics and RAW files.

Aspect ratio.
Crop Factor.

Lens length (35mm equivalent)
Zoom Times (This camera has a 50x zoom, 10x zoom)

Frames per Second

Other considerations:-
Interchangeable lenses
Power source (AA batteries vs Lithium Ion etc)
Physical size
Weather resistance/proof

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