Olympus OI Share App

edit. I got in contact with olympus support who told me to change the settings in the oi share app to import at original size. All is now good.

I recently picked up an Olympus stylus 1 camera, took some photos on it and then connected my android galaxy note to it via the OIShare App. I had edited the image in camera to crop and adjust the aspect ratio to 3:2. The image was around 2500 pixels wide.

I was surprised after downloading it to see that it was around 2000 pixels wide once it had downloaded. I expected it would be the same size once it had been copied to the phone and was disappointed i’d dropped resolution for no apparent reason.

I ended up taking out the Micro SD Card (in a SD holder) from the camera and putting it into the phone.

I really want those extra 400ish pixels and hope this is fixed in a firmware upgrade, as everything else on it works as expected, and i’m very happy with my minimalist camera setup.