Notes to self on shooting sports

On the weekend i was out taking photos at a sporting event. I was without my preferred camera and was using a Canon G15. I had previously bought the camera as a backup and decided at the time that i would be happy to use it for sports.

Last weekend was its “live fire” test. After a short trial and error i settled down into a rhythm and im happy with its results.

If i could do the weekend over id
– make sure i packed my charger and topped up over lunch. I got low battery early in saturday afternoon and turned off the display and shot only looking though the viewfinder.
– had a micro SD card on hand. I shot on a SD card and wished i was able to send some of the team photos out via smartphone on the day.
– I should have shot on Manual mode. I had shot most of the weekend in Aperture (Av) mode and trialled going to f4.0 from f2.8 to make sure i was getting most of the action in focus. On Av with auto ISO the camera used a shutter speed of 1/250th of a second which was a little slow when the players were at speed. I should have had it on Manual with f2.8 and 1/500th or 1/ 1000th of a second. I wouldnt be too worried with ISO values up to 800 or 1600. Most of the weekends shots were recorded on ISO 80 or 125.

– Im pretty sure the cameras lens goes to 140mm (35mm equivalent) and i wanted more reach. Dropping the recorded images resolution to M1 and using some digital zoom out to 10x produced acceptable results.

– I also tried the High speed scene mode which could capture 10 shots a second for one second and that worked well. It did come with a cooldown  penalty lag while it was processing and writing to the card. This meant i was unable to get some potential future action and i left the camera on continuous shooting with no focusing adjust between shots which was adaquate.

Micro sd card
Manual mode.
Medium1 with digital zoom 10x
High speed scene.