Film has been scanned

Today i got back my film after dropping it in to be scanned.

Overall i am happy with the result.

It was on the more expensive side to get the film scanned but i saw it as cheap insurance compared to buying a scanner myself($250ish, more for higher quality).

I had used the Olympus OM-40 and two zuiko prime lenses – 28mm and 135mm.

The scans showed some artefacts, possibly from an issue during the development of the film. The film got stuck partway through it processing and some of the last shots were different – i think overprocessed but im not sure.

Im going to take the film experiment a step further and see about getting some slide film and my own scanner. I am not worried about scan time as final image quality was the key goal.

They were scanned at 2400 dpi. Some images were not terribly sharp and i know that scanning at a higher resolution will not give a better output.

For the next round i will be noting the settings of each shot and maybe even taking a digital camera with me to compare against. I will certainly be using a tripod and mirror lockup where available.

I will also be using a canon eos 30 alongside the om40 and also scan in some of the film i shot last year.

Ive also been contemplating buying 3 x 36 rolls and scanning the results, warts and all. If i do that, i will have a hitlist of shots i want to take…..

More to come.