Last year I was feeling a bit down and Percy helped me out. He picked up i was feeling sad and took it upon himself to do something and make me feel better.

He went into my room, grabbed my runners and put them next to the door, well not exactly next to the door but more blocking the door. Then he went and grabbed a camera and put it on my shoes. Then he went and sat down and just looked at me until i got the hint. We were going outside to take photos.

He took me down to Lake Burley Griffin and made it clear that we’d be going around the lake and I would be taking photos of him.

After we got home i decided to call what we did a Percyathlon. Similar to a Biathlon of going along a course and taking shots. I spoke with him about what camera gear you should have and whether the goal should be do go through a course fast or get some great shots. He sort of shrugged and got across that the purpose of should be to have fun.

From this there are pretty much only two rules to a Percyathlon.

1. You do it to feel better
2. You need to take photos.

Pretty much the rest are just guidelines.

You can write about a course so others can also complete it. Course information should include start / end points and suggested route, points to shoot as part of the course
, any other things to look out for or suggestions.

You can time the event and compete against others or yourself. This should be done using the print day/time function of the camera on the image.

You can go fast and pack a light (maybe a tough) camera, or slow down and take a heavier camera and go for better quality images.