Exploration into film

On wednesday i dropped off a roll of film to be processed. Kodak ektar100 (C41 process). This morning i got the results back and im pretty happy.

I was using the Olympus OM-40 i picked up for around $15 at a second hand shop and two lenses which although second hand looked in great quality. A 135mm f/3.5 and a 28mm. Both were prime lenses so there was no zoom but i made do.

The first shot was of a cockatoo in a tree which was partially cut off because i hadnt wound the roll on enough before starting and the film was already exposed. The next few were of birds while i was filling in time. This showed what the developer said was camera shake. Im not zurprised because the shutter speed was 1/ 60th or 1/ 125th at fastest. Combined with the 135mm zoom any shake would have been magnified.

The sky turned on a beautiful sunset that eveing and i took a few shots.

Because the 36 shot roll was for test purposes i took a few close up shots to test focussing accuracy and im happy.

After i started to get used to the lens i started to experiment and tried some thing different. I tried to frame a bunch of flowers and put them in focus while blurring out the building behinds notable features. It didnt quite work as expected but its a learning experience.

Shortly after i received my 28mm lens which a friend mailed me and took both lenses for a walk. I came across a gathering of people who were opening a place and doing stuff with the media. The official party posed for a picture and i joined in behind them . Without zoom and not wanting to push in front i had to accept that some photographers were also going to have to be in the shot.  I thought one of the others noticed that my camera had an unusual sound and winder but speaking with him later he hadnt.

After that i decided to shoot off tbe rest of the roll and get it processed so i could forward a copy of the opening photo to one of the official party.

So ive concluded the film experiment is still worthwhile to continue although i will be selective on what i shoot and im happy not to get an instant final product like i would in a digital camera if the end result is better.

I have another roll and im happy to try slide film with this camera setup under the right circumstances because i know that wont be cheap to buy or get processed.

My aims are to be a better photographer and assess whether ive got the skills to use a camera ive been eyeing off for some time and although its not cheap the end results can be fantastic in the right photographers hands.

I will see about putting some thumbs of tbe shots up when i get them scanned in, but that may take some time