Joby Gorilla pod micro. A mini tripod

Joby Gorilla pod on a Canon SX150 and packaging

Joby Gorilla pod on a Canon SX150 and packaging

Some time ago i bought this tripod for my snapshot cameras and i’ve been very happy. When folded, the camera still fits into its case. It does slightly impede the access to the battery and SD card, but its a price i’m willing to pay so i can get a low light long exposure i want. When i was down in melbourne nearly two years ago with the A480, it would have been very welcome as i was balancing on signs or whatever i could but couldnt tilt.

I also used it on the weekend with the Nikon V1 and combined with a wheelie bin, it became an effective tripod.

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SD/MMC to CF Type II Adapter Card review

SD to Compact flash card adapter with SD Card

SD to Compact flash card adapter with SD Card

About a fortnight ago i bought an adapter card which lets me use an SD Card in my 7D which only has a Compact Flash slot.

I initially saw the item in the shop, but only bought it when i brought in my camera to see that it fitted. Its a Type II (2) which is thicker than a Type I device. It would not fit in the Canon 300D i have at home.

In store i tested it out and saw that writing to the card was slower and after a high speed medium resolution JPEG burst, the buffer took some time to clear. It was around 15 seconds to clear a 20 shot burst. I wasn’t timing. The buffer was showing it could hold 99 shots, so i knew there was no circumstance i’d be planning to take 10 seconds of shots on high speed. I didnt shoot any RAW shots or try and an Eye-fi card.

It got a field test last weekend and I couldn’t tell many differences between the SD card and the CF cards except the buffer kept writing after a few bursts. On the 7D, the reviewing of just taken photo features were still available and you can zoom in and out while its still being written. I had trouble with some review features like rating a just shot photo 5 stars, but could do so after.

The only other thing of note is that the card i used was missing the write/locked switch which couldn’t be written to on a computer, but was writeable on the camera with the CF adapter.

I’m happy to keep using the card and I can see it coming in handy if i wanted to do a liveshoot and upload photos minutes after it was taken. I’d be taking a MicroSD card in a SD adapter in a CF II adapter from a 7D and putting it in a mobile.


SD to Compact flash card adapter with packaging

SD to Compact flash card adapter with packaging

New Camera – Canon SX150

Recently i bought a new Camera, I wanted to go running with a camera and take some good photos and I’m a bit worried about some of the expensive cameras being broken by the extra shocks being put on them.

Some research lead me to the SX150. Like my current A480 which i’m still happy with aside from a zoom, this one is small enough to be put into a pouch (Lowepro Rezo 50), takes AA batteries and can be fitted with a Joby mini tripod and still fit in the case.

So hopefully i’ll be able to get a few Shots of opportunity while out.

Its already had a minor workout. I’ve ran through the AA batteries supplied and was happy with the battery life , i got 110 shots.