Modular Calendar Version 1.0

I’ve tinkered with the Modular Calendar page and although i’m still not happy with it as its printing and leaving empty real estate at the edges. I’d rather the edges have lines on them. I might need to make this using an image editor instead of a spreadsheet (Openoffice)

Although its meant for 5×7 photos, it can hold 6x4s at the moment and i’ll come back to it later.

I also filled in the box in the middle so the page can be used as some sort of notes page in a pinch.

I’m aiming to directly insert my photos and create many sheets which people can download and print themselves.

Modular Calendar Template V1

Draft Modular Calendar Sheet

For some time i’ve been thinking of putting some of my photos into some form of stationary, a calendar or notes page or even a flexible page which can be turned into various different sheets such as a grid, finance, notes, monthly or weekly planner etc.

I planned for the page to be used in a calendar, but not dictate which month of the year or even which year. So there are some sections to fill out yourself, the text section to the left of day numbers is for the day of week, but on the upside, you can make any calendar combination you want. Some animals, some landscapes etc.

After lots of time sitting on my hard drive, i’ve decided to post one of the draft pages.

The photo was taken just under a year ago of a joey in the wild after i chanced across its family while bushwalking in a national park near Batemans Bay on the South Coast of New South Wales.

Here is a preview of the photo on the page.

South Coast Clear Point Joey

Modular Calendar Template – South Coast Clear Point Joey

There is still some fine tuning to go, adjust the picture sizes, increase the month planner on the right side. etc.