Canberra New Years Day Fireworks (Nikon V1)

I worked new years eve but finished at 10pm and had my gear all ready to go into Civic and get some photos of the fireworks. I had both the Nikon V1 and 7D going with tripods. The V1 was set up statically and shooting four or five second exposures and i set it up to take photos one after the other.

The 7D was using either a 55mm f/1.8 lens or a borrowed 10-22mm lens and i varied the exposure lengths

In hindsight i should also have had my powershot going capturing video.

Last year, i was by Lake Burley Griffin, and didnt prepare as much as i had been expecting to work until midnight, so the photos i took then were part of a “bonus round” shoot but it helped me prepare for last night.